POLYKEN 627-35 Shadowlastic® Plus Premium Grade Butyl Roof Flashing

POLYKEN 627-35 Shadowlastic® Plus Premium Grade Butyl Roof Flashing

Provides a strong and immediate adhesion even during extremely cold (Service temperature -30F to 200F). Formulated for conformability in both warm and cold weather temperatures. Excellent compatibility with most sealants and caulking materials. Easy application - just peel and stick. The woven polyester backing resists UV degradation for up to 3 years of direct exposure to sunlight.

Polyken 627-35 provides a permanent weather-tight seal on most clean, dry building surfaces. When used properly, this tape can contribute towards EA Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance) under LEED®.


  • Used for flashing windows and door installations, corner board abutments, sidewall sheathing seams, and deck-to-wall joints.
  • Suitable for sealing other detail areas against air and water penetration.
  • Excellent bond to a variety of building materials including plywood, OSB, housewrap, concrete, and most metals.
  • Flashing hip, ridge, and penetration details on concrete tile roofs
  • Deck-to-wall joints
  • Sheet metal repairs on mobile homes, trailers
  • Sealing gutters, roof valleys and eaves, chimneys and vents, and rooftop duct systems
  • Sealing other detail areas against water and air penetration

    Available Variations

    Color Width Length Rolls
    per case
    lbs/in width
    oz/in width
    Packaging Country of Origin
    Black 6 in 50 ft 8 59 229 35 n/a industrial USA
    Black 9 in 50 ft 6 59 229 35 n/a industrial USA

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